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Definition and aim of advertising

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The American Marketing Association has adopted the following as a definition of advertising. "Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor." As advertising is paid for it is a commercial transaction. It is non-personal, which means that advertising messages are directed at a mass audience and not directly at individuals. One might want to say that the ultimate purpose of advertising is to increase sales and profits; however, you cannot increase sales unless the market is more aware of the product. So it would appear that increasing awareness is the overall aim of marketing. Increasing awareness also means to develop a brand name, since distinctive products can only be identified by the public by means of their brand. The overall aim of advertising is to increase awareness, and sales, but awareness of what? and how does one increase sales specifically? Some specific objectives include: 1. To build primary demand. 2. To introduce a price deal. 3. To inform about a product's availability. 4. To build brand recognition or brand preference or brand insistence. 5. To inform about a new product's availability or features or price. 6. To help salesmen by building an awareness of a product among retailers. 7. To create a reputation for service, reliability or research strength. 8. To increase market share. 9. To modify existing product appeals and buying motives. 10. To increase frequency of use of a product. 11. To inform about new uses of a product. 12. To increase the number or quality of retail outlets. 13. To build the overall company image. 14. To effect immediate buying action. 15. To reach new areas or new segments of population within existing areas. 16. To develop overseas markets. Generally advertising will be more effective if the external environment is favourable: the product is a superior good, and incomes are rising; there is a boom in the economy; i.e. in general, if there is an expanding market.
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2 Above-the-line and below-the-line
3 Definition and aim of advertising
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6 Advertising
7 Different types of media
8 Other advertising media
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12 Measurement of advertising effectiveness
13 Laboratory techniques for measuring responses to advertisements

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