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Legal Structure



What are the differences between a private and a public limited company?

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Shares in a public limited company can be bought and sold on the Stock Exchange. Shares in a private limited company can only be bought and sold privately.
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Legal Structure

1 Limited Liability Companies, Companies Act (1985)
2 Articles of Memorandum of Association
3 Company Book, Applications, Allotments, Members, Transfers
4 Why do investors require a statement of the purposes of the Company?
5 What does the phrase "without prejudice" mean in the following sentence
6 What is the distinction between redeemable and non-redeemable shares?
7 What is a special resolution?
8 Why is it normal to include a statement of the number of unissued shares of the Company in the Balan
9 Registrar
10 Application
11 Allotment
12 Member
13 Transfer
14 Sealing
15 Minute
16 Other Types of Business
17 Sole trader
18 Partnership
19 What are the advantages of being a sole trader as opposed to forming a limited liability company?
20 Why do most business people prefer to buy shares in a limited liability company rather than work as
21 What are the differences between a partnership and a private limited company?
22 What are the differences between a private and a public limited company?
23 If you are entering into a partnership and intend to take more than 50% of the profits why do you ne

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