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Legal Structure



Sole trader

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To be a sole trader there is no special legal procedure. Essentially, an individual decides to go into business under his own name. The business and its owner are legally inseparable, and the owner of the business is personally liable for all its debts.
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Legal Structure

1 Limited Liability Companies, Companies Act (1985)
2 Articles of Memorandum of Association
3 Company Book, Applications, Allotments, Members, Transfers
4 Why do investors require a statement of the purposes of the Company?
5 What does the phrase "without prejudice" mean in the following sentence
6 What is the distinction between redeemable and non-redeemable shares?
7 What is a special resolution?
8 Why is it normal to include a statement of the number of unissued shares of the Company in the Balan
9 Registrar
10 Application
11 Allotment
12 Member
13 Transfer
14 Sealing
15 Minute
16 Other Types of Business
17 Sole trader
18 Partnership
19 What are the advantages of being a sole trader as opposed to forming a limited liability company?
20 Why do most business people prefer to buy shares in a limited liability company rather than work as
21 What are the differences between a partnership and a private limited company?
22 What are the differences between a private and a public limited company?
23 If you are entering into a partnership and intend to take more than 50% of the profits why do you ne

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