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Leadership & Management Styles



Lewin, Lippit and White's Study of Leadership Styles

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Lewis, Lippit and White made a famous study of leadership styles: Boys at model-making clubs were led by adults who acted in one of three ways: autocratic, democratic or laissez-faire. (a) Autocratic leaders told the boys what sort of models they would make. They sometimes praised or blamed them but did not explain their comments. (b) Democratic leaders discussed various possible projects and allowed the boys to make their own decisions. They explained their comments. (c) Laissez-faire leaders left the boys very much to their own devices. The findings were as follows: Boys with an autocratic leader became aggressive towards each other and were submissive in their approaches to the leader. Boys with a democratic leader got on much better with each other. Although slightly less work was actually done, approaches to the leader were usually task-related. Boys with a laissez-faire leader were aggressive towards each other. Very little work was done.
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Leadership & Management Styles

1 Leadership and Motivation, Gary Yukl, Leadership in Organisations
2 Lewin, Lippit and White's Study of Leadership Styles
3 Leadership Style: Task orientated or person centred, authoritarian or democratic style
4 Fiedler Contingency Model
5 Robert House, Path Goal theory
6 Ohio State Studies and the Managerial grid, Blake and Mouton
7 Rensis Likert and Management Styles
8 Leaders and Managers
9 John Adair and the issue of training for leadership
10 Warren Bennis
11 Functions of management
12 Mintzberg's Managerial Roles

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